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Papa Academy is personalised online learning and revision portal, with a comprehensive curriculum based practice questions and answers, individualised guidance and real-time analytics. Papa Academy meets the unique study needs of each learner.

Immersive, adaptive learning

Engage students, target their need and watch them succeed.
With over 5,000 revision and study questions and answers, plus all UNEB answered question papers, Papa Academy will with no doubt help your students succeed and reach their full potential.

Primary Schools

Primary School study and revision materials

Secondary Schools

Secondary School study and revision materials.


Revise and study at home or anywhere.

Papa Academy Revision Portal

Key Features & Benefits

Papa Academy is an online revision and study portal for Primary and Secondary Schools in Uganda.

Papa Academy is a complete Education Hub that is aligned to the Schools curriculum and is an integral part of Local Education in Uganda.

Staffed by the best teachers and UNEB examiners, Papa Academy boosts of data-bank with thousands of revision questions and answers Plus over 800 reading & interactive materials that will enhance students knowledge and vocabulary.

All member students revise, learn, read and interact from a private secure personal hub on Papa Academy online platform.


For a student to perform well in exams, excellent revision materials and suitable revision environment are essential. Papa Academy study portal not only equips your child with high quality revision materials, but also a secure revision environment where they can excel.


Each student is assigned a private online classroom – called ‘study hub’ on our e-learning portal. This e-classroom is a fully equipped online library full of educational eBooks, novels, articles and other relevant reading materials.

Academic Competitions

Our academic competitions and contests are not only beneficial to students’ learning but also vital to their overall education success.


When a school or a Family joins Papa Academy, students are granted unlimited access to teachers’ note on core subjects, practice questions, reading and other tutorial notes which they can access anytime, anywhere 24 x 7. Students can test and mark themselves or can do quizzes.


Not only does Papa Academy provide an online platform for learning, reading and revision but also for interaction. The portal comes with private and protected forums for member students only where they network with fellow students from other schools.

Wisdom Corner

We understand that students are still growing, and very often require guidance and advice. Papa Academy comes with a special ‘Wisdom Corner’ that is full advice and guidance materials.

How does Papa Academy work?


Once a School joins Papa Academy, private and secure study hubs are automatically created for the selected numbers of students. Students can access their study hubs anytime, anywhere with a username and password.


Member students are given a passwords to their private and secure study hubs. This is where they can access all the study, revision & reading materials. Plus they can interact, network, ask and answer questions.


Family memberships help students to revise in holidays or at home anytime. Students still gain access to all the HUB facilities and parents can monitor their children’s progress from their own admin. accounts.

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Set the stage for success for your students with Papa Online Study & Revision Portal.

Children and students learn at their own pace in a secure environment from a wide selection of interactive question types that keep practice sessions fresh and engaging. This enables all types of learners to enjoy learning and reach their full potential.

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Join the Academy today and let your students access our data-bank with thousands of revision questions and answers. Enhance their knowledge and vocabulary with our range of reading materials. Let them Interact and form friendships students from other schools. Help them Engage in our online academic competitions and contests and Boost their academic confidence with tips and advice from our Wisdom Corner 24×7 anytime, anywhere and accelerate their academic potential with our curriculum aligned learning materials and tutorials.

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